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The 1970s comprised a decade of transformation that gave rise to some of the greatest inventions and companies of our time.

While The Brady Bunch, Saturday Night Fever, ESPN, Sony’s Walkman and George Lucas’ Star Wars kept us entertained, Ben & Jerry’s, NASDAQ, Microsoft, and The Home Depot all got their starts.

From the floppy disc to the VCR, to Intel’s introduction of the world’s first microprocessor, the decade of disco bristled with innovation.

At the very same time, while working for a major global corporation, Matthew Bonfitto, our founder and CEO had an idea; he envisioned a company that could deliver high-quality computer cables and supplies to businesses worldwide at lower price points than they’d been accustomed to.

Short for Interface Cable Assemblies & Services Corporation, ICAS was born.

By manufacturing its own cables on a large scale while maintaining stringent quality control measures, ICAS and Mr. Bonfitto earned a reputation for consistently delivering exceptional quality and value.

Over the next 30 years, ICAS would continue to grow, evolve, and transform itself commensurate with the fast-paced and ever-changing technology industry.

For all of your business technology needs from security surveillance to project management services to lighting and cabling solutions, believe us when we say you’re in good company.  We strive for excellence in all services provided and offer extensive warranties to guarantee your satisfaction!

Today, with our seasoned and dedicated ICAS family of professionals, we pride ourselves on delivering world-class quality value, and innovation to our clients, as we shall for decades to come.

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