Follow us to the future

Follow us to the future

Everything that was done in the past will provide the foundation to make the necessary changes to face the future.


Your satisfaction, business needs, and how we supply them are the explicit purpose of ICAS, which is demonstrated by our leadership position and high client retention rating.


Established in 1979 as a provider of custom cable assemblies, ICAS now offers diversified services and products including network design / build / installation support, electrical, on-site network and national rollout management and complete cable and premise component offerings. True to the principle of honest work and quality products, ICAS has built strong client relationships ranging from neighborhood businesses and municipal districts to Fortune 500 companies.


Our mission is to serve our clients by providing innovative technology through a single source solution and touch point. A robust infrastructure results in more efficient productivity and cost savings, and provides people with an environment to focus on core business objectives. How does ICAS adapt and change to an ever increasing competitive market for IT services? How do they remain leaders in the industry and continue to be first choice by business partners? How does ICAS approach the most challenging times for IT professionals and businesses in the past century? How will they continue to grow and thrive? The answer is both complex and simple: Elevate!


This is a unique yet powerful story. It’s about leadership, teamwork, and success. It’s about the past, present, and future. It’s about ICAS. Much like other companies that achieved fabulous growth and success and is proud of their accomplishments, ICAS has succeeded in delivering products and services for 40 years. This is a tremendous accomplishment and has created great growth for a family-owned business that has thrived during difficult and challenging times. It’s about talented and skilled staff being willing to do what it takes to excel, be supportive, and build strong relationships. This study is about the people that comprise the ICAS family.


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