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Friday, January 31st, 2014

For Immediate Release

Location: Long Island City, NY

Department: News Release 2/2/2014

Announcement: ICAS Launches New Web, ICAS XXXV!

ICAS, a leader in single source solutions in design, engineering and implementation of infrastructure technology, is excited to present its new Web Site. On Super Bowl Sunday, ICAS XXXV is launched, for over 35 years ICAS continues to adapt to change to provide our customers and clients with the best customer service available in the technology industry. Our proud ICAS family invites you to visit our new web at , new look with new features, enjoy.  


Established in 1979 as a provider of custom cable assemblies, ICAS now offers diversified services and products including network design / build / installation support, electrical, on-site network and national rollout management and complete cable and premise component offerings. True to the principle of honest work and quality products, ICAS has built strong client relationships ranging from neighborhood businesses and municipal districts to Fortune 500 companies.

Please contact ICAS for further information. ICAS strives to protect the privacy of every client.


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