SELY – Social Emotional Learning for Youth

SELY: a digital learning resource in the form of an educational game for teachers to assess and improve social-emotional learning for students.

Social Emotional Learning for Youth (SELY) focuses on increasing knowledge in the field of social-emotional learning. Designed by educators and psychologists, SELY takes students in grades K-3 through a journey with Rolly, the game’s robot with emotions. The goal is to increase awareness of emotions, learn how to manage and respond to different types of situations, build positive relationships with others, and improve the self-esteem of the student.

"Helping students manage their emotions and make responsible decisions"

"Helping students manage their emotions and make responsible decisions"

High-Quality Content

Kid-friendly and engaging game created alongside expert psychologists and educators.

Playful Design

Brightly colored animated game to ensure we respond to their touch.

Modern Learning Approach

Engages youth attention spans by providing an instant response with every click of a button.

Benefits of Social Emotional Learning for Youth

  • Bright and Colorful Animations and Graphics
  • Customizable for Group or One-On-One Lessons
  • Optimized for Youth Attention Spans
  • Standalone Program or Supplemental Resource Within a Curriculum
  • Progress Monitoring and Evaluation Reports Available on the Dashboard

Social-emotional skills are vital in today’s environment. Our educational game provides students with a fun and helpful way to learn about their emotions and assess their current emotional intelligence. SELY is a digital learning tool for students and teachers, however, it is ideal for a range of other people: educators, mental health experts, group instructors, community learning settings, and school counselors who teach students 5 years and above in a classroom setting.

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