ICAS can deliver various types of Access Control systems based on any requirement; every industry has similar concerns and reasons why access control should be implemented. We work with and implement some of the latest Access Control technologies utilizing products of your choice.

More than ever, protecting people and facility assets are of the highest concern and many have complex challenges. Both the private and public sectors have enhanced security measures and policies against a backdrop of constrained budgets and limited resources. We understand your needs and will design solutions to help you do more with less. Our solutions provide you with the most advanced networked security technology while lowering your total cost of ownership.

Educational Facilities

Providing a safe learning environment means protecting students, staff and physical assets, while encouraging positive behavior that fosters academic excellence.

  • Monitor and control access to all school or campus facilities
  • Provide surveillance of private records, materials and valuable equipment
  • Enable automated facility lockdown for elevated threat levels


Ensuring the security of your retail organization means protecting your customers, staff and assets, while benefiting from complete visibility of your sales floor.

  • Manage access to restricted areas and locked displays
  • Protect customers and employees
  • Verify fire, intrusion and electronic article surveillance (EAS) event alarms using video
  • Track time and attendance through access control
  • Identify suspicious vehicles
  • Ensure entry and exit point security

These are just two examples of why Access Control is important, ICAS can confidently design, install and maintain the systems. Contact us for additional information.

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