Voice over internet Protocol installation and maintenance can take up more time and effort than your company is willing to sacrifice.  ICAS is more than happy to help with the process.

Converting your desktop voice equipment involves additional and sometimes unforeseen, painstaking tasks such as:

  • Receiving, inventorying and staging the new voice equipment;
  • Preparing all necessary information for the phone conversion;
  • Creating floor diagrams, tagging the affected user locations and preparing the project phases and execution plan;
  • Managing an additional number of technicians to materially execute the project within short, very time sensitive deadlines;
  • Unboxing and assembling the new equipment (add-on modules, base-stands, handsets, etc.);
  • Deploying phones at end-user locations and connecting them to the network;
  • Entering user credentials at each new phone and testing the equipment;
  • Helping the IT team with troubleshooting connectivity and/or other voice related issues;
  • Deploying headset at location where required and testing/troubleshooting them;
  • Gathering new asset information and entering them in the appropriate database; and
  • Collecting old equipment and disposing it in a green certified way according to needs and requirements of the client.


During the tedious process of programming and configuring phones, this basic aspect of deploying new desktop voice equipment can be easily overlooked. Sourcing this will alleviate the need to assign valuable personnel and help maintain a lower labor cost associated with firm-wide conversions. ICAS provides various services based on your needs and schedules to help you execute your phone conversion project.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions or need more information regarding our VOIP Conversion services. There is no obligation and we look forward to being of assistance.

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